The story - Cordero di Montezemolo
Over the years, everything became harder, more laborious and less suited to this kind of approach, and the production of this “special” Barolo gradually declined. By the time we reached the late 1990s, we realised that things had gotten out of hand, and today, in the new millennium, everything appears to prove us right. Today everything is fast, sometimes too fast.

So, in 1998 we decided to make a wine that could turn back the clock; to go back to that time before Barolo was just another wine to be made known to as many wine lovers as possible. The intention was to create a wine that would be an intimate and rare gift for those who, with a burning passion, wanted to discover more about its nature, to be almost accomplices, ambassadors, part of a territory that has something magical between its hills and their inhabitants. This desire generated a Barolo Riserva made from a tiny selection of grapes from the “Gorette” plot of the hill at the foot of the Cedar of Lebanon, made with the same care as the others but left to rest quietly in the bottle for a long time and then made available for purchase exclusively in the winery for visitors to the estate. A tribute to Barolo in its fullest possible form: soil, climate, grape variety, producer and consumer.