At the top of Monfalletto hill stands a cedar of Lebanon. Majestic, imposing and of venerable age, this tree is seen from every vantage point of the surrounding Nebbiolo vineyards whose grapes are destined for making Barolo wine.

And from where it rises, one can understand the profile of hills that define the boundaries of the estate and measure the extent of the entire area with all its depressions and topographical features.
The tree is part of the history and traditions of these lands; it was planted by Costanzo Falletti di Rodello and Eulalia Della Chiesa di Cervignasco, descendants of the current beneficiaries Cordero di Montezemolo, in memory of their wedding celebrated in 1856 and as a symbol of their love for the land.
According to the tradition of the family, the young spouses hoped that this sentiment would always remain firm in the soul of their descendants; the tree would gradually grow majestic and long-lived: it had to remember their desire for future generations.
The hill is called Monfalletto from the ancient Mons Fallettorum then Mont Falet, or Monte dei Falletti.