The Cordero di Montezemolo family has historical and deep roots in the History of Piedmont. Traditionally, however, it had little to do with the production of wine.

The family’s origin is Spanish and they settled in Piedmont only during the mid 1400s. The family members were distinguished in the printing/typesetting field and in significant military and diplomatic roles of the Royal House of Savoy to then become one of the most important aristocratic families (Marchesi) of Piedmont.

One of the several Falletti family branches, proprietors of Monfalletto Estate and the most noteworthy noble family of the Alba area, intertwines with the Cordero di Montezemolo family when Maria Lydia, daughter of the Marchese Luigia Falletti marries Paolo Cordero di Montezemolo in 1918. The couple unfortunately dies prematurely but not before their only son, Paolo is born.

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Paolo, orphaned at age 15, grew up under the care and teaching of his maternal grandmother, the Marchioness Luigia Falletti.

When she died in 1941, he inherited her entire property, including the Monfalletto Estate in La Morra. Historical texts testify to the florid and important agricultural activity of the farm set on a unique and fortunate hill. The wine production on this hill is documented from over 200 years ago.

The great wine, which many call a “work of art” is the work of nature, the work of the sun, the climate, the soil composition and so on; to use a cavalier and paradoxical term, it is an agrarian opera.

Paolo Cordero di Montezemolo

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