The land has always been managed using the most efficient and least invasive cultivation techniques. Its scope is to preserve the biodiversity of the area and to guarantee a healthy and suitable environment for all individuals that work and contribute to the final production quality.

In the autumn of 2013 the winery decided to begin the certification process of the Estate’s ORGANIC GRAPE production. Natural mineral products and repellents from organic material are used in the fight against parasites and cryptogam of the vines. Organic products and green manure are utilized for fertilization ensuring that the soil is alive and rich in nutrients. The distribution of humus from compost of various natural sources formed on site guarantees a balanced soil structure.
The natural grass planting, mowing under the vine rows and mechanic tillage provide an ideal habitat for the ecological balance of the vineyards.

From a well thought out network of ducts, three large cement cisterns collect rainwater drained from all the roofs of the Estate’s buildings. This guarantees a total recycling of water used for vine protection treatments, cleaning of agricultural machinery and irrigating the shrubs, bushes, flowers and lawns throughout the estate. Because of this, the Estate avoids having to draw any water whatsoever from the urban network. In addition, a 250 meter deep natural artesian spring permits the winery to maintain water independence even in the driest years.

Additionally, the introduction and the attentive maintenance of many trees and dense foliage shrubs allow for the development of ideal fauna allowing for the natural balance of insects, birds and small animals.

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