Appellation: Aromatized Wine

Varietal: 100 % Nebbiolo

Vinification: Produced from Barolo wine. Each year, about 1,000 bottles of at least 10 years or older Barolo vintages are blended in a single stainless steel tank then quinine, sugar, alcohol and secret infusion of various spices (about 15-16) are added to the blend of Barolo.

Maturation: Infused blend rests at temperature of 18 °C for about a month then bottled and released.

Sensory Characteristics: Brick red color tending towards an orange hue. An intense and delicate bouquet of aged Barolo, sarsaparilla and spices – in particular licorice, marjoram, rhubarb and coriander. Also offers notes of bitter orange peel, absinthe, cinnamon, clove and bay leaf. Soft, warm and powerful, with a semisweet long finish.

Service Temperature: Enjoyed at room temperature or slightly chilled (10 °C / 50 °F) according to personal taste.

Average Life of Wine: Wine of longevity

Food Pairing: Ideal digestive accompanied by traditional Piedmont cornmeal or hazelnut biscuits, pastries or bitter chocolate. Excellent also as an aperitif, served at a cooler temperature.

Average Annual Production: 1,500 / 1,800 bottles

Suggested Wine Glasses: baloon_vino