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12 bottles of the 2007 Barolo Monfalletto

Our Homage to the 150th Anniversary of the UNITY OF ITALY (1861-2011)

The special case collection is our prestigious tribute to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy: a distinctive, limited-edition wood case with twelve bottles of the 2007 Barolo Monfalletto, a fantastic vintage in terms of quality, expressiveness and sheer drinking pleasure.

A treasure of rich and rare significance:

  • Each bottle is labeled with a different historic label meticulously reproduced in the identical style of the original. The graphic transformation of the Monfalletto labels is evidenced from the mid-19th century to the present.
  • The case was custom made from French oak wood supplied directly to us by one of our French coopers. The presentation of the 12 bottles makes a clear and linear statement of the evolution over the decades of the packaging of Monfalletto Barolo.
  • In homage to the years that have passed since unification of Italy, the cases are numbered with two numbers, from 1 to 150 (the number of years since unification) and from 1861 to 2011 (the year of unification to the present year). The choice of including 12 bottles represents the number of months per year.
  • The “tall Burgundy” bottle recalls the form of the bottle used for many decades previous to today’s choice of the “Alba” (Albeisa) bottle which the winery currently uses.

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Cassa Barolo 150 anni - Cordero di Montezemolo