Farming tradition that found its rightful dimension in the mid-1990s.
The Barbera grape has always been grown in Piedmont, but because of its, undeserved, reputation, it was neglected for many years and associated with the image of “farmer’s wine” in the derogatory sense that this term once held. Its potential emerged with new energy in the early 1990s thanks to various producers and now, having found its legitimate dignity, it is an indispensable and distinctive representative of this area. This wine is obtained from the fusion of all the plots of Barbera managed by the winery which, due to their different age, location and soils, are harvested separately, then aged for a short period of 4/6 months in wood and finally joined together in a single cuvée to maintain a freshness, balance, pleasantness and genuineness that make it ideal for every palate.

Barbera d’Alba - Cordero di Montezemolo, Varietals