Made from the harvesting of old vines.
In our opinion, the most profound expression of our most historic vineyard.
The Gattera vineyard (official MGA) measures over 11 hectares. It accounts for the majority of our Barolo Monfalletto. Within this hillside area, however, we find a variety of different planting periods, exposures, altitudes, land morphologies, varietal clones and microclimates. This interweaving of elements led us to divide the hillside into eight “sections” that are harvested and vinified separately to bring out the best in each one. In two sections we find some very old vines (over 50 years old) which, due to the above-mentioned characteristics, we believe capable of giving great depth, concentration and character to the wine made from them. Consequently, a single fermentation tank of wine is made from the grapes harvested exclusively from these vines.. Upon completion of the production process, the wine is bottled under the official name of the geographical mention: Gattera.
A Barolo with darker nuances, with a higher concentration of pulp and tannin than Monfalletto but also with a “feminine” delicacy in its aromas, which make it easy to drink when young without losing any of its bite as it ages.

Barolo Gattera - Cordero di Montezemolo, Proud