The company’s flag, its symbolic wine, the label that more than any other embodies the history, heritage, culture and essence that Cordero di Montezemolo aims to express through its work.
A Barolo made from the unification of all the plots cultivated in La Morra, minus the small quantities of grapes selected from parts of them for the production of Barolo Gattera and Barolo Riserva Gorette. Barolo Monfalletto is our biggest production, thanks to the large extension of vineyards from which it originates, which cover an area of about 14 hectares. Each part of the hill is harvested separately, choosing the best moment for each one. Vinification and ageing in wood follow individual paths and the final blending of all the lots takes place only at the time of bottling.
Its main characteristics are its pleasantness, delicacy and readiness to drink, making it a Barolo that can be enjoyed from an early age. Our history, our present, our future.

Barolo Monfalletto - Cordero di Montezemolo, Proud