Elioro originates from the ancient Greek “Elios + Oros” (hill of the sun) and is a tribute to the hill on which our Annunziata vineyards rest, a hill that sees the first rays of the sun in the morning and the last in the evening, enjoying it for much longer than the other hills around it.
This Chardonnay vineyard, planted in 1987, represents Giovanni Montezemolo’s gamble with an “international” variety, but one that is still historic in Piedmont; it expresses the desire to develop a “great white” which, like “great reds”, can be consumed even after many years. It ferments and ages in small French oak barrels for several months, in contact with fine lees, followed by a further period of bottle ageing of about a year, before being offered to connoisseurs of important white wines for ageing.

Langhe Chardonnay Elioro - Cordero di Montezemolo, Selections